Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Writer Reveals Fans are "Missing Out" on Season 2 After Cancellation

One of the writers from Netflix's Cowboy Bebop responded to the series' cancellation by noting how fans are "missing out" on a second season! Given how much Netflix was putting behind their new take on Cowboy Bebop, it seemed like it was all but guaranteed a second season of the series. The first, and now only season of the series even ended on a cliffhanger teasing some new characters and things to come. Since it's been cancelled by Netflix after just one season, it seems all of those plans for Cowboy Bebop's live-action future will never come to fruition. 

Both those involved with the series and fans alike have been sharing their thoughts following Netflix's cancellation of the series, and writer Naomi Markman took to Twitter to respond to the news as well by noting that she had read through the second season's scripts and they are some episodes that fans are now "missing out" on with, "[N]ot to rub it in your faces, but as the individual who has read the [Cowboy Bebop Season 2] scripts more than anyone else in this world – f--- you're missing out." 

(Photo: Netflix)

This is a sentiment shared by stars Daniella Pineda and Mustafa Shakir as well, with Shakir sharing a heartfelt message to fans on social media following the cancellation news, "What a cool opportunity right?! I got to play Jet Black! I'll never not be to speak. That's badass to me. Netflix went balls to wall for us in order to get it done. They really looked out for us when shit hit the fan...but at the end of the day business is business and this was a big ship that needed a lot of fuel. Maybe the 'haters' and the critics got us maybe it wasn't as good as we thought... [All] I know is we got this done under the craziest conditions and I'm proud of what we did. Thank you for dreaming with us. See you space cowboys."

The Cowboy Bebop series might have had plans for a second season, but it seems that will never happen. Now it just raises the question of what could have been coming in the second season. But what do you think? What would have wanted to see in Cowboy Bebop's second season? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!