Crunchyroll Experiences Outages Following Premiere of Re:Zero Season 2

Update: Currently, Is It Down Right Now suggests the server is online for Crunchyroll, but there are users still saying they're experiencing outages.

It seems like the anime fandom has proved to be too much for Crunchyroll. Today, the site welcomed the premiere of Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World, and the episode was anticipated by fans around the world. As it turns out, most of them were waiting to peep the episode, and Crunchyroll is experiencing outages for fans across the U.S. who are trying to watch the show

According to the site Is It Down Right Now, Crunchyroll has been experiencing periodic downtimes for its servers today. These issues have been corroborated on DownDetector as server connectivity issues spiked within the last hour. Currently, the issue seems to be impacting fans in the U.S., and it is no doubt thanks to fans rushing to watch Re:Zero season two.

At the moment, I have been able to access the site every so often, but fans online are still sharing their outage woes with others.

Currently, Crunchyroll has not addressed the sporadic outages, but the team is no doubt at work ensuring its server can handle the capacity. After all, the site has a crack team of ninja IT specialists who wouldn't even flinch at the site of Madara Uchiha...! With so many fans eager to watch Re:Zero season two after waiting years for its release, Crunchyroll will have a fix for the rolling outages shortly.


Are you experiencing any issues watching the premiere of Re:Zero season two? Let us know in the comments below and remember! Keep on refreshing!