Delicious in Dungeon Episode 22 Promo Released: Watch

Delicious in Dungeon has shared the first promo for Episode 22 of the anime!

Delicious in Dungeon is nearing the end of the debut season of the anime, and now fans have gotten the first look at what's coming next with the promo for Episode 22! Delicious in Dungeon has been setting up for some huge reveals as Laios and his party realize they have no choice but to stop the Mad Mage in order to save Falin from her current chimera transformation. But as seen with their continued journey in the latest episodes, it's only going to get more chaotic in the dungeon as new enemies from inside and outside of the dungeon will be closing in soon. 

Delicious in Dungeon's latest episode saw Laios and the others brought to the Golden Country where a town full of immortals have requested that they defeat the Mad Mage as it was predicted that someone like Laios would appear and save them from their current torment. But it seems we'll be learning more about this Mad Mage soon enough according to the first look at the next episode. You can check out the promo for Delicious in Dungeon Episode 22 below. 

How to Watch Delicious in Dungeon Episode 22

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 22 will be premiering on Thursday, May 30th with Netflix, and Kadokawa teases what to expect from the new the episode as such, "The group gets lost in a picturesque village that doesn't look like a labyrinth where they spend a peaceful moment. Yaad, the ruler of the village, begins to tell the story of how an elf boy named Sissel came to be known as a mad magician. In this story, Sissel's strong desire to protect those he cares about is hidden." 

If you wanted to catch up with the rest of Delicious in Dungeon so far, you can find it now streaming with Netflix. They tease the anime as such, "Delicious in Dungeon. That is, 'to eat', or 'to be eaten' ――― Within the depths of the dungeon, his younger sister was eaten by a Red Dragon – and adventurer Laios barely made it back to the surface with his life. He attempts the dungeon again, but money and food are deep within its bowels… Faced with the critical situation where his sister may be digested at any moment, Laios decides: 'Food shall be self-providing from within the dungeon!' Slimes, basilisks, mimics and even dragons! While eating those that attack you, aim to traverse the dungeons, adventurer!"