Demon Slayer Cosplayer Brings Akaza's Killer Moves to Life

One truly killer Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba cosplay is ready for a fight with the deadly demon Akaza! The much anticipated second season of the anime has finally kicked off its brand new material with the Entertainment District arc, but for the first seven weeks of this new season fans have been reliving the events of the Mugen Train arc first seen in the previous feature film. This also means that fans came face to face with the Upper Rank demon Akaza once more as he showed off his strength in battle against the fan favorite Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku.

The anime has shown the fight between Akaza and Rengoku three separate times now across the anime's Mugen Train movie and second season, but each time it feels just as intense as the first since Akaza poses such an otherworldly threat beyond the fights we have seen thus far. By the looks of the Entertainment District arc so far, it seems Akaza will be sticking around so luckily the demon has gotten some equally as killer cosplay from artist @cakedbycraker on Instagram! Check it out below: 

Demon Slayer: Entertainment District arc kicked off its proceedings with a special one-hour premiere that set the stage for Tanjiro's next wave of fights, but most importantly, it finally showed fans what happened following the fight on the train. Akaza was one of the biggest mysteries following the fight because while he managed to secure victory against Rengoku, his fate was left a mystery as he ran off into the forest in fear of the coming sunrise. So this first new episode actually filled in those gaps. 

Without giving too mcuh away about what Akaza is now up to, it's clear that he has now vowed his revenge against Tanjiro. Tanjiro had called him a coward and said some other things, and those all got under Akaza's skin. This means that while Akaza was a compelling demon villain before thanks to his overwhelming strength, he is now a major wild card still floating around out there that Tanjiro and the others will need to keep an eye out for even in the midst of fighting many more strong foes. 

What do you think? How did you like Akaza's introduction to the Demon Slayer anime during the Mugen Train movie and second season? What are you hoping to see from the demon next? Let us know all of your thoughts about Demon Slayer and everything anime in the comments!