Demon Slayer Season 2 Was the Most-Watched Anime of 2022, Says New Data

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has been a success since it was launched. Koyoharu Gotouge experienced plenty of success with their manga, and the anime's launch turned Tanjiro into a global superstar. Now, all eyes are on season three as it preps for launch, and season two set up big hopes for the comeback. And now, new data has gone live confirming how popular Demon Slayer season two was.

The information comes from overseas as TV figures for 2022 were broken down. It turns out Japan consumed tons of Demon as it ranked number one in animation. Season two averaged 18.43 million viewers, and its final releases brought in a bigger audience than normal.

As it turns out, episode 10 brought in 25.5 million viewers upon launch, and that was upped for episode 11. The big update brought in nearly 26 million viewers, and that is truly wild for a regular old episode. Demon Slayer broke records when it drew in 28.96 viewers with its cable showing of the Mugen Train m movie. The event drew in a record audience, and thanks to this data, we know Demon Slayer brought in similar figures with regular episodes.

Of course, Demon Slayer is already asserting its dominance in Japan ahead of season three. Earlier this month, fans in Japan were given a sneak peek at the comeback. Demon Slayer's season three premiere film was put into theaters for a single weekend, and the limited event earned well over a billion yen. Now, the show is about to take the premiere on tour, and Demon Slayer will make its global comeback this March for those streaming at home.

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