Demon Slayer Reveals First Details About Its Season 2 Finale

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is just about done with season two, and fans are curious to see how its run will wrap. After all, the Entertainment District arc is going all out these days with its pacing and animation. As Tanjiro's fight with Daki and Gyutaro continues, fans know it won't be long before season two rolls out its finale, and we've learned out first details about the update.

Currently, we know little about the finale in terms of content, but we know more basics than before. Over in Japan, Demon Slayer will wrap season two on Sunday, February 13. The finale will air late at night, and its time slot has been expanded.

Instead of running for half an hour, Demon Slayer season two will close with a 45-minute finale. As you probably can guess, fans are already speculating what this expansion may mean. It seems two theories have become prominent within the fandom already, and one has certainly gained favor.

The first theory is the biggest, and it has to do with season three. Fans are thinking the extra 15 minutes might be used to set up the anime's next season. After all, it seems like the Upper Rank demons will need to chat about Gyutaro's actions, and its timing lines up with season two's finale. The Upper Rank Meeting may be upon the anime at last, but there is another theory keeping fans at a bay.

The second theory may be less exciting, but it has the most traction. The expanded time slot could be due to additional advertising. Demon Slayer is one of the biggest shows in Japan, and its finale will bring in tons of viewers. The anime's committee would no doubt spring for more time and reap a profit by selling commercial space. This is what happened with season one, and fans are thinking the show will pull the stunt once more with season two.

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