Demon Slayer May Close Season 2 With a Huge Cliffhanger

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba promised its second season would live up to its first, and it would put things lightly to say ufotable delivered. After reviewing the Mugen Train arc to start, the Entertainment District arc has been fire since it began. Demon Slayer is on another level with its episodes right now, and the season two finale will drop before long. And now, a new report has fans thinking the last episode will include a massive cliffhanger. 

The whole idea came to light when Demon Slayer released its time slot for the season two finale. It turns out the special will run an extra 15 minutes as it is listed as 45 minutes overall. Of course, this means extra content will be shown during the finale, and fans think they know what's up.

After all, any good season wants to keep fans hooked, and Demon Slayer has never shied away from cliffhangers before. This is why fans believe season two will end with the Upper Rank meeting, and it is there several major demons will debut including Kokushibo.

Now, if you have read the manga, you will know what this meeting means. The Upper Rank are gathered all together once the Entertainment District arc closes and one of their own is lost. Akaza shows up still smarting from his battle with Rengoku, and he is not alone. Others like Gyokko show up in this meeting, but all eyes are on Kokushibo. After all, the demon is the top Upper Rank member, and his powers are considered legendary.

This meeting would no doubt intrigue fans who have not read Demon Slayer all while setting up season three or maybe even a movie. While this extra screen time could always go to interviews or recaps, fans are crossing their fingers for an Upper Rank reunion. And if you aren't joining them, you better ASAP!

Do you expect Demon Slayer season two to end on this high note? Or will the finale's extra minutes go elsewhere? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.