Demon Slayer Just Fulfilled Rengoku's Final Requests

Demon Slayer is working its way through season two, and the good stuff just got started. After readapting the Mugen Train arc, fans were able to check out the first episode of the Entertainment District arc this past week. At last, some loose ends are being tied up from Demon Slayer's hit film, and fans were able to see one of Rengoku's final requests come to life.

The situation broke down in the latest episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Season two saw Tanjiro visit the Rengoku Residence after. its oldest son died. Rengoku's death was hard to take, and it took an emotional toll on fans around the world. So when Tanjiro was tasked with passing on his mentor's final requests, he did so despite the odds.

The first request from Rengoku was simple enough for his younger brother. The Flame Hashira asked Senjuro to follow his heart no matter what their father insisted. And as for his dad, Rengoku simply wanted his father to take care of himself and his body. The swordsman knew his death would take a hit on the older man, and Rengoku didn't want his dad to fall back into his old ways.

Tanjiro was tasked with sharing these requests, and Demon Slayer season two didn't shy away from the Rengoku family's emotions. Senjuro is wrapped in grief, but his father is even worse off. It took a headbutt from Tanjiro to even make the man listen, but when he heard his son's final selfless request, even he had to put his alcohol down.

With these requests parted on, Tanjiro is left to make Rengoku proud. The Flame Hashira wants his friend to take his title, and Akaza is still on the loose after killing the man. It is only a matter of time before Tanjiro finds the Upper Three demon, and time will tell how the brutal reunion goes down.


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