Demon Slayer Stuns With New Rengoku Ability

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba stunned fans with a new ability from Kyojuro Rengoku in the premiere episode of Season 2! After making waves with its debut anime season, and even more waves with its debut feature film, Demon Slayer has returned for its full second season of the anime. It's using the first few episodes to re-explore the events of the Mugen Train arc as they happened in the movie, and this means getting to see Rengoku in action once again. But the premiere episode actually spent its time with an original adventure about the Flame Hashira

The first new episode of the season followed Rengoku on the day before he got onto the Mugen Train as once seen in the movie, and through this we got a much better look at the fighter. Not only did we get to see more of his actual mindset and how he operates as a demon slayer, but we also got to see a technique in action that we didn't get to see in the movie. Because while his fight with Akaza had teased that Rengoku could move at super speeds, the Season 2 premiere episode shows that it's actually a super speed brought about by Total Concentration Breathing. 

(Photo: ufotable)

The Season 2 premiere tasked Rengoku with facing off against a demon who could run at high speeds, but it's quickly revealed that not only could Rengoku keep up with this demon, but could actually move much faster thanks to his mastery of Total Concentration. As Tanjiro began to train in the use of this breathing towards the end of the first season, it was teased that a better mastery of it would be helping him boost himself in future fights. Now seeing Rengoku using it at its peak with his super speed and jumping off of a speeding train, it's clear this breathing mastery is what Tanjiro really needs to keep up with the increasing demon threats. 

This super speed is an impressive first impression of the kinds of abilities that we'll be seeing Rengoku use over the course of the Mugen Train arc in the next few episodes, and this moment confirms he's been using the Total Concentration Breathing as a base for the fiery techniques we had seen in the movie. We might know what's on the way for Rengoku, but he's bringing his all to the fight coming his way. 

But what did you think of seeing Rengoku using this super speed? Do you think Tanjiro's going to be reaching this level of breathing mastery as well in Demon Slayer's future? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!