Dexter's Laboratory Creator Has No Interest in Revival (Exclusive)

Genndy Tartakovsky will soon be returning to Cartoon Network and Adult Swim with a brand new series, Unicorn: Warriors Eternal, and the creator exclusively revealed to that he has "probably no" interest in potentially returning to Dexter's Laboratory with a revival! Tartakovsky's career includes some of the most memorable animated series to ever hit Cartoon Network, and while fans are currently waiting for the creator's next work to hit Adult Swim, there is an audience that's still hoping to see some of the more classic works returning with new material given many of the reboots and revivals we've seen lately.

Speaking to for the upcoming release of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal on May 4th with Adult Swim, we asked series creator Genndy Tartakovsky whether or not he was interested in returning to Dexter's Laboratory given all of the revivals and reboots we've seen for other works. But for those holding out hope, unfortunately Tartakovsky is showing no real interest in returning to Dexter's Laboratory as they've "done so many of them." 

(Photo: Cartoon Network)

Dexter's Lab Revival? 

"Dexter probably no," Tartakovsky began. "Because number one, the voice actress [Christine Cavanaugh] passed away and she was such the soul of Dexter I don't feel comfortable trying to replace her in a way. And we've done so many of them. I don't know why there's more to be done. You know what I mean? It's kind of a weird thing." So while fans might want to see this popular Cartoon Network series return someday, Tartakovsky has some very real reasons why he likely would not return to the franchise

Dexter's Laboratory has a history of moving forward without Tartakovsky's continued involvement or original Dexter voice actress Christine Cavanaugh at the helm for its third and fourth seasons of its first revival series way back in the early 2000s. Fans divisively responded to these final two seasons of the series, so while there might be a desire to see Dexter's Laboratory again someday, for now it's looking like it's not a viable option in the cards at the moment. 

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