Digimon Adventure Cliffhanger Teases Angemon's Reboot Debut

Digimon Adventure has been teasing the Holy Digimon ever since it began, and the cliffhanger from [...]

Digimon Adventure has been teasing the Holy Digimon ever since it began, and the cliffhanger from the newest episode teases the debut of the first one with Angemon's reboot debut. This new series has been evolving at a much different rate than the original series, and the same can be said for Angemon. With the DigiDestined not all coming to the Digital World at the same time, the first 19 episodes of the series have been establishing the wider scope of the conflict between them and the dark Digimon that defeated the Holy Digimon before the events of the series.

Included in this line up of Holy Digimon is Angemon, who played a crucial role in the original series, and the cliffhanger for Episode 19 of the series teased that he will be making his official debut in the reboot soon enough as it's revealed that the angel Digimon has been captured by Devimon's dark forces.

It was teased during the battle against Nidhoggmon that T.K. and Kari would soon be making their DigiDestined debuts, and while Kari remained in the real world, T.K. was seen glitching out. Apparently as a result of this (and his connection with Matt), T.K. had officially made his way to the Digital World. But he's not safe in the slightest.

Digimon Adventure Cliffhanger Angemon Reboot Debut Tease
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As Episode 19 comes to an end and Tai, Matt, and Leomon make their way through a machine fortress, they discover that T.K. had been captured and has since been kept in a tube. Soon after we see Angemon wrapped within dark energies, and it's clear that these two partners had been separated upon T.K.'s arrival in the digital world.

Angemon played a major part in the battle against Devimon in the original series as it dealt the final blow to the Dark Digimon, and there's a good chance it will play the same role in the new series. It's why Devimon is a bit more proactive in this case, and it further teases how much more integral Angemon and T.K. will be this time around.

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