Digimon Tamers Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Special Visual

Digimon Tamers is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a special new key visual! Digimon Adventure is currently in the midst of celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a special rebooted take on that original anime series released two decades ago, and during this time the following two seasons have reached their 20 year anniversaries as well. This time around it's the third, and arguably most popular iteration of the franchise among many fans, Digimon Tamers. This iteration introduced a whole new kind of reality following the first two seasons, and this detour from the norm still has fans' attention all these years later.

Digimon's annual DigiFes event will be honoring Digimon Tamers in particular this year as the special event in Japan will be reuniting the cast of the series for a celebratory look back on the anime. To celebrate this event taking place in Yokosuka, a special visual has been crafted depicting the Digimon Tamers characters in marine based outfits. This results in a new and adorable new look for the fan favorite crew! Check it out below:

Digimon Adventure's rebooted anime series has now reached its final arc as each of the DigiDestined have started on the path to unlocking their strongest respective forms. It's yet to be revealed whether or not we'll see other iterations of the franchise get their own kinds of reboots on this same kind of scale, but Digimon Tamers would most definitely be well received if it got a rebooted treatment as well.


First released back in 2001, Digimon Tamers was a dramatically different take on the franchise from the first two seasons as it grounded the franchise in our world and eventually led to all sorts of dark reveals and moments that still stick with fans to this day. But what did you think of Digimon Tamers? Would you watch a full reboot of the series 20 years later? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!