'Digimon' Unveils Life-Size Terriermon Plush

A new life-size Terriermon plush is up for pre-order from Premium Bandai, and Digimon fans are going wild.

The company has released a sneak peek at the stuffed Terriermon, big enough for fans to hold as if he is their own. The toy is about 33 centimeters tall -- just under 13 inches -- with wears long enough to be worn like a scarf. Right now, it can be pre-ordered for 8,100 yen, or $72.33.

Pre-orders on the Bandai website are open until Sep. 25. The company estimates shipping will begin in January of 2019, and international shipping is available.

Terriermon is a part of the company's "Life-size stuffed doll series," and joins their other Digimon Tamer products. The product lists a target age of 15 years or older, making it plain that Terriermon's constrictive quality may not be right for children. However, the wearable friend is ideal for cosplayers, Halloween costumes or fans who just want to show off their "Moumantai" spirit.

The toy's design was supervised by Kenji Watanabe himself. Watanabe is considered the mastermind behind the Digimon franchise, designing most of the characters from scratch.

Premium Bandai has made four other life-size Digimon plushes already, including Meicoomon, Tailmon, Agumon and Gabumon. Ordering them is tricky, but fans on the Digimon subreddit and other forums have discussed various ways to get them shipped to the United States.

Still, it may be worth it to get those pre-orders in for die-hard fans. As one user noted on Reddit, toys like this often double in price by the time they reach American retailers through the aftermarket, and this one will likely go for $150 or more when it first migrates over.

By all accounts, the Digimon Tamer plushes are selling well, which is good news for collectors and fans. The comments on the product announcement almost immediately filled with cries for more characters. As long as Terriermon and the others sell, Bandai will have incentive to make others.

"Someday they'll make Lopmon...someday..." wrote one fan wistfully.


"Want a Lopmon then a Wizardmon," added another.

While it is disregarded by some as a rip-off of Pokemon, Digimon has endured since 1997. It has branched out into all areas of media, including manga, anime, video games, movies and games -- countless games. Digimon can be raised as virtual pets like Tamagotchi, or swapped in a trading card game. The franchise also has plenty of video games to chose from, including role-playing games, MMORPGs, fighting and racing games.