Disney Fulfills Anime Dreams with Star Smash Reveal

Disney isn't a stranger to collaborations, but fans are always excited to see the brand dip its toes into anime. Series like Kingdom Hearts first introduced fans to the idea of an anime crossover for Disney, but no official collaboration has gone down with the studio. That is why all eyes are on a brand-new announcement as it seems Star Smash is giving fans the anime crossover of their dreams.

For those who haven't heard of SStar Smash, the title is one of the latest mobile games being developed by Disney. The game is being made in partnership with XFLAG, and it follows a group of original heroes as they team up with Mickey Mouse for an adventure.

(Photo: Disney)

The game seems like it will be an exclusive in Japan, but the artwork made for the Disney title is going viral overseas. The trailer released for the mobile game ends with a look at the anime designs given to Disney's most iconic characters. Heroes like Hercules are given beefy anime makeovers, and all our favorite princess are given new designs as well.

The first trio shown is Hercules as the demigod is shown flexing in his promo shot. He is joined by Dumbo and Cinderella with the latter looking stunning in her ballgown. Other characters are shown later in the trailer such as Snow White, Belle, and the Little Mermaid. Even more recent characters from Pixar films such as Wooody, Mr. Incredible, Baymax, and more show up!

These new designs are a treat for fans who have long wondered how Disney would do up its famous characters in an anime. All of the princesses redefine kawaii with their designs, and fans are sure more characters will pop up in the game. So if you have a prince to pitch Star Smash, you better start a petition ASAP.


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