New Disney Promos Turn Lion King Leads Into Anime Heartthrobs

At first, The Lion King just wanted to take over the box office, but those ambitions were just too small. Thanks to Disney and Aniplex, the movie has made its way into the anime fandom, and fans can hardly believe what they are seeing...

It turns out Scar translates into a really hot anime lead, and Disney fans aren’t sure how to handle the big revelation.

Recently, Disney pushed ahead promotions of its Twisted Wonderland game in Japan. The company teamed up with Aniplex to turn some fan-favorite characters into anime heartthrobs, and The Lion King was no exception. An original anime character was made based off lions like Scar, and you can see how hot the hero turned out to be below!

As you can tell, the human-lion hybrid looks perfectly narcissistic in this shot. His long dark hair is seen falling over his shoulders while several strands are pulled into braids. With ears atop his head, this anime lead is showing off his tatted and lean body since he’s got no shirt on. His bad boy-look is made even better with a leather jacket, and some tribal jewelry pulls the whole outfit together.

And his name? Well, Disney and Aniplex decided to name the character Leona Kingscholar. To the left, the character can be seen sharing a line of dialogue, and it would make Scar proud.

“Life’s not fair, don’t you agree,” Leona asks, and yeah — that sounds villainous enough to me.


Drawn by Yana Toboso, this character shows just how The Lion King might look if its characters were given a humanoid makeover. There’s something about Leon’s piercing green eyes that make him just as terrifying as Scar, but fans shouldn’t worry. The human version of Simba would look something like Chris Evans, so the baddie would have a worthy opponent to feud with.

So, what do you make of this anime makeover? Which character from The Lion King should get done up next? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!