Dr. Stone Reveals Season 2 Episode Order

Dr. Stone has revealed its episode order for Season 2 of the series! Announced to be in the works following the final episode of the first season, Dr. Stone has finally returned for new episodes as part of the Winter 2021 wave of new anime. Fans had been particularly anxious to see what would happen in the second season considering it adapts one of the best received arcs of Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi's original Weekly Shonen Jump manga release. Featuring a fight between Senku Ishigami and Tsukasa Shishio's respective camps, the second season has already gotten off to a great start.

With the first episode of Dr. Stone's Stone Wars season now out of the way, the series has revealed just how many episodes the new season will be sticking around for. According to a listing of the Blu-ray and DVD releases, Dr. Stone's second season will be running for 11 episodes in all as it launches in a single volume home video release in Japan.

The first season of the series ran for 24 episodes in total across two different cours of the year, so the news that this second season will only be running for eleven episodes in total might come as a disappointment to fans hoping to see the new season stick around for just as long as the first one did. With the Stone Wars subtitle for the season, it does confirm that this new season will be squarely focused on adapting this arc alone.

But to those worried about the shorter episode order for the new season, it should ease you to know that Stone Wars is indeed one of the tightest and most intense of the original series to date. There's a lot of further world building that comes after this arc, but this new season is going to mainly capitalize on all the building that came before.

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