Dragon Ball Teases a New Technique for Vegito

Dragon Ball has explored a fair bit of Vegito's powers, but there is always more to discover in this universe. After all, Goku and Vegeta make it a point to surpass their limits, and they are good at doing so. This is why fans are buzzing about a new Dragon Ball technique that Vegito is about to discover.

The whole thing went public earlier this weekend when a clip of Super Dragon Ball Heroes went live. It was there fans watched as Goku and Vegeta were pitted against Fu, and the baddie threatened to send Cumber after the pair. Of course, the threat is a real one since Cumber can corrupt others with his aura. But thanks to a new move, Vegito has a way to subvert the whole thing.

The new move in question can be seen below after Vegito fuses together. The pair combine and power into Super Saiyan Blue. However, their aura is different than ever before. The usual SSB aura is replaced with a serrated one that looks mean to the touch. As it turns out, the form is meant to be jagged as it negates any corruption Cumber might use to taint Vegeta or Goku.

This move allows the Saiyans to move more freely in the battle against the villain, but there are a lot of unknowns about it. After all, there is no telling how long the move lasts or whether it can be used in other forms. It doesn't seem like the aura is usable in base form, but so long as the Saiyans are powered up, their aura can be changed to combat Cumber. But if the technique requires the Saiyans to be fused, well - it seems things may get a little tricky.

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