Dragon Ball Hints at a Godly Secret Behind the New Super Saiyan 4 Form

Dragon Ball struck out with a new Big Bang Mission episode today, and there is even more to come. The series has been promising fans of Super Saiyan 4 Goku big things since they were given a look at the form's new level. And thanks to an all-new synopsis, fans think they have learned another fact about the form that is blowing minds.

The newest synopsis for Super Dragon Ball Heroes went live a few hours ago, and it teases what's to come in episode six. It was there fans got a new description of the Super Saiyan 4 form that hints at its godly power.

"Following their advice, Goku and company entrust Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta with their powers. Red light starts to scatter from the bodies of the two Xeno warriors, and a different colored aura envelopes them. How will this fight with mighty Janemba unfold," the synopsis partially reads (via Chronicles).

As you can imagine, fans were stuck on the part about Goku and the gang entrusting their powers to the Xeno warriors. This move is not one that is often shown in Dragon Ball, and it usually has to do with Super Saiyan God forms. After all, Goku had to be given power from several righteous Saiyans before he could unlock the godly form. This might be what prompts the debut of the new Super Saiyan 4 form and its glowing aura.


There is also the chance that Goku and Vegeta may give their Xeno twins god chi from the start. After all, this promo anime is firmly non-canon, so the show doesn't have to worry about rules. If Dragon Ball wants to make Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta godly, then it will find a way to do so.

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