Have You Seen The 'Bleach' Creator's Stunning Take On 'Dragon Ball'?

If you’re a fan of anime, then there is one name you need to know. Akira Toriyama stands as one [...]

If you're a fan of anime, then there is one name you need to know. Akira Toriyama stands as one of the industry's most popular creators thanks to Dragon Ball, and many shonen artist look up to the man as a role model. Tite Kubo, the creator of Bleach, is no different in that regard. So, if you haven't seen his own take on Dragon Ball, then you will want to check it out ASAP.

As you can see below, Kubo's style is one that differs wildly from what Toriyama leans into. When the Bleach creator paid homage to Dragon Ball with a colored sketch, fans noticed Kubo's lines were sharper than anything Toriyama usually uses. The piece's color palate is darker, its angles are more severe, and there is no sign of Dragon Ball's rounded aesthetic to be seen.

However, that doesn't mean Kudo's reimagining is a bad one. If anything, fans have embraced the artwork even if it is wildly different from what they're used to.

(Photo: Tite Kubo )

The homage which Kubo penned may feature an interesting group of characters, but the artist makes them work together. To the right, Mercenary Tao is seen front-and-center as the mercenary stares off to the side. The villain looks as dangerous as ever thanks to his firm frown, and Tao's pink top has been given a dark red hue.

Piccolo and Future Trunks are also seen lurking into frame. Vegeta's son looks oddly similar to Ichigo Kurosaki because of their long faces, but Trunks stands out with his purple hair and sword. Piccolo also leans into Kenpachi's look thanks to their shared grins, but the Namekians has a more ornate costume to deal with.

While Goku is missing from the drawing, Vegeta gets a nod as he is seen in the background. The princely character is shown in his Saiyan armor, and upturned nose suits him very well. A member of the Ginyu Force can be seen perched underneath Vegeta as Recoome is shown standing beside a blonde version of Zarbon.

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