This Dragon Ball Cosplay Imagines Launch's Transformation IRL

Poor Launch. Perhaps there is no character in the Dragon Ball franchise that got the shortest end of the stick than Launch. Initially premiering in the original Dragon Ball series, Launch acted as something of an "anti-hero" to the rest of the cast, suffering from split personality disorder. When her hair was blue, Launch was a docile, compassionate figure, but whenever she sneezed, she would transform into a foul mouthed, bank robbing, machine gun wielding thug. Now, one fan has decided to honor the lesser known Dragon Ball character with an ingenious cosplay that shows both her good and bad side!

Reddit User Souted shared the cosplay by artist XandraStax that shows both the blue haired, beneficial side of Launch, and the blond haired antagonistic side of the fleeting Dragon Ball character who would find herself transforming with a sneeze:

Aaaaaachooooo... by xandrastax from r/dbz

When Launch originally appeared in Dragon Ball, she was understandably a wild card, with Goku and the gang never knowing who they'd be interacting with at any given basis. Though as the series progressed, Launch mellowed out a bit and a relationship with Tenshinhan was hinted at with the transforming vixen apparently growing fond of him. Unfortunately, their romance was seemingly doomed as Launch was pushed aside with the arrival of Super Saiyans and alien despots.

Launch managed to make an appearance in Dragon Ball Z early on during the Saiyan Saga, when Tenshinhan and the other Z Fighters were killed as a result of Vegeta and Nappa's arrival on earth. Though she never fought in the same way that much of the rest of the cast did, she was still an original, interesting character birthed from the mind of Akira Toriyama and fingers crossed, we'll see her return to the stories of Dragon Ball Super at some point in the future.


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