Dragon Ball Crossover Allows Piccolo to Meet Kermit the Namekian

Dragon Ball has seen a number of crossovers during its time, with the franchise meeting a number [...]

Dragon Ball has seen a number of crossovers during its time, with the franchise meeting a number of other Shonen characters throughout its run. With the recent video game of Jump Force uniting the characters of Dragon Ball with other Shonen protagonists from franchises such as Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and more, this is just one example of Akira Toriyama's franchise spreading its wings outside of its regular story lines. In the main anime itself, we've even recently seen a hilarious Dr. Slump crossover take place in Dragon Ball Super proper. Now, we are given what might be one of the strangest crossovers as one artist unites everyone's favorite Namekian with Kermit The Frog!

Piccolo and Kermit of course both have their green skin in common, and not much else when it comes to their power levels or their outright demeanor. While the muppet is more likely to be found in a swamp, struming on a banjo while singing about rainbows, Piccolo is usually training his muscles and his mind in a desert, awaiting the next threat that will come to earth. While Kermit certainly couldn't defeat Piccolo in a hand to hand fight, his longevity certainly outweighs the Namekian's as the Muppets were first created by Jim Henson in 1955, long before Akira Toriyama had created the Shonen franchise of Dragon Ball!

Twitter User, and popular Youtuber, Cinnamon Ghoul shared a commission that he had received from his friend Dan, bringing together the "Big Greens" from both the Muppets and Dragon Ball, placing Kermit into Piccolo's attire, making him look all the sillier next to the insanely powerful Namekian:

Piccolo remains having a large, influential role in the Dragon Ball franchise despite the fact that his power isn't anywhere near that of many of the Saiyans. In the manga, he's currently assisting the Z Fighters in the war against Moro, with the teacher and students tag teaming the world eating threat as the war on Earth begins to amp up!

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