'Dragon Ball's Hiromi Tsuru Passes Away At 57

Today, the Dragon Ball fandom has reason to mourn the loss of one of its own. According to reports out of Japan, Hiromi Tsuru passed today in Japan. The actress, who is best-known for voicing Bulma, was 57.

Sites like Otokamu and Esuteru provided stills taken from Japanese news reports covering the star's death. Right now, the reports indicate that Tsuru passed away in her car after being found unconscious. The actress was rushed to the hospital but we declared dead when brought in for treatment. There was no sign of Tsuru having been in a car accident, so officials are investigating to confirm whether the death was from natural causes.

If you are not familiar with Tsuru, then you should know the actress was a beloved one in Japan. Born in November 1960, the actress got her start in the 1970s voicing a character in The Story of Perrine. Over the years, Tsuru went on to play characters in Ranma 1/2, Miyuki, Trigun, and more.

Dragon Ball fans will know Tsuru for her work as Bulma in the series. The actress began voicing the Capsule Corp heiress in 1986 with Dragon Ball where she also played Child Piccolo Jr. Tsuru stayed with Bulma throughout Dragon Ball Z all the way until Dragon Ball Super which is currently in production. Over the years, Tsuru added other roles to her resume like Baby Trunks and Bra.

Toei Animation has yet to release a comment about the actress' death. ComicBook will update fans as more information becomes available.


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