Dragon Ball Editor Calls Dragonball Evolution One of Cinema's Biggest Failures

Dragon Ball stands as one of the most successful series to date, but that doesn’t mean its [...]

Dragon Ball stands as one of the most successful series to date, but that doesn't mean its history is all good. From the start, fans expected big things from creator Akira Toriyama when it came to Son Goku, but no one could have predicted the absolute flop Dragonball Evolution would turn into when its film rights were first bought.

Now, the world is better off forgetting the adaptation ever happened, but one man cannot forget. After all, the former editor of Dragon Ball is holding a grudge, and he isn't shy about his thoughts on Dragonball Evolution.

Recently, Kazuhiko Torishima hit up fans during a lecture he provided at Bunka Gakuen University. It was there the former editor opened up about his work with Goku, and he did not mince words about its hilariously awful live-action film.

According to Torishima, Dragonball Evolution stands as the "biggest failure in regards to screen adaptation."

Uh, yikes!

Continuing, Torishima went on to share more details about the ill-fated Hollywood film. According to the editor, Shueisha and he were unable to dictate how any of the movie turned out unless they coughed up $45 million to obtain veto power ons the 20th Century Fox script. Neither party could justify the cost as it was nearly 70% of Shueisha's annual profit at the time, and so Dragonball Evolution came to be. Now, Torishima wishes he had been able to pay the absurd fee, but he at least takes solace in knowing most everyone hates the film as much as he does. And should Dragon Ball ever approach the big screen again, you can be sure Shueisha and Toriyama's camp will have strict control over where it goes.

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