Fierce Dragon Ball Cosplay Taps into Freeza's Power

As Dragon Ball Super's manga continues with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc (and the future of the anime is still in flux), one of the bigger questions fans have had as things continue to unfold is whether or not Freeza is aware of what's happening. Space is pretty vast, but Planet Eater Moro has stirred up a huge ruckus as he and his army of escaped prisoners continue to devour planets across the universe. But one of the many reasons fans have come to ask about Freeza is that the villain always leaves a huge impact every time he's on screen.

After being the focal point of the Namek saga, the villain turned out to be so popular that he returned soon after with the Android arc. But even death couldn't stop the villain as he re-appeared later in several different capacities and eventually came back to life at the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime. But all of this popularity stems from that first initial meeting with the villain.

Freeza had one of the best villain introductions in the series overall, and from the jump was an intriguing presence that shook the foundation of the rest of the franchise. Artist @silverscosplay (who you can find on Instagram here) tapped into the power of Freeza's fearsome initial debut with just as creepy cosplay. Check it out below:

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Freeza's initial form might no longer be a part of the franchise as once Freeza unleashed his true and final form the rest were all made obsolete, but it did make a return during the Planet Vegeta flashback in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. In fact, there was a whole different look for the villain that made it seem like he's been wearing armor that entire time.

This flashback was also a strong reminder of just how integral Freeza has been to the struggle of Goku and the other Saiyans, and it's why fans are still looking forward to seeing the villain again someday in some official anime capacity. But what do you think?


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