Dragon Ball Fans Spot Clever Godzilla Easter Egg

Dragon Ball has a long history backing its heroes, and that catalog is filled with easter eggs to [...]

Dragon Ball has a long history backing its heroes, and that catalog is filled with easter eggs to pop culture icons. Akira Toriyama was not afraid to reference his favorite franchises during the occasional martial arts tournament, and it seems one such easter egg has resurfaced in light of an upcoming movie.

After all, Godzilla is ready to march back into theaters, and netizens want fans to know a certain kaiju showed up way back in Dragon Ball.

Over on Reddit, a screen cap pulled from the first Dragon Ball anime went live, and it highlights King Ghidorah. As you can see below, the three-headed dragon can be seen chilling on the sidelines of a battle. Krillin looks like he is eyeing the poor kaiju, but the fighter is not about to take on Ghidorah without Godzilla there to back him up.

Spotted Ghidorah in Dragon Ball from r/GODZILLA

This resurfaced easter egg has got fans feeling good considering Ghidorah's upcoming return. Godzilla: King of the Monsters will bring the famous creature to Hollywood this month when the sequel drops. Ghidorah will be joined on screen by a couple other kaiju like Rodan and Mothra. So, it is only appropriate for fans to pick out this throwback Ghidorah reference from the heyday of Dragon Ball.

Of course, there are fan who admit they aren't too shocked by this little blip. In the past, Toriyama has made numerous references to Godzilla in his work. The artist's tenure on Dr. Slump saw him introduce characters like Dr. Monster who were obsessed with kaiju, and the guy lived in an apartment complex called King Ghidra Heights. Clearly, a love for Godzilla runs deep with Toriyama, so here's to hoping Godzilla: King of the Monsters returns the favor by shouting out Goku.

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