'Dragon Ball' Reveals New Goku Black Dub Voice

The English dub of Goku Black will not hit Toonami for a bit, but fans just got a taste of how the character should sound. In the past, Dragon Ball has previewed its dub performances with video games like Xenoverse 2. Now, Dragon Ball FighterZ is teasing an update, and Goku Black sounds very different in its preview.

Not long ago, the upcoming Dragon Ball game confirmed it would feature Goku Black as a playable character. Streams of the game have since gone live, and as you can see here, Sean Schemmel's dub for the fighter sounds different than some of his earlier takes.

Youtuber Nanogenix shared an exclusive new look at the story mode for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The video shows the player selecting Goku Black as a playable character at its 7-minute mark, and fans can hear Schemmel's take on the baddie. The audio is hard to make out, but fans can clearly hear that Goku Black has a distinctly British accent in the reel.

In the past, Schemmel has given Goku Black a very different voice. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 debuted the voice actor's take on the fighter, and it was much more gravely. Fans were not sure how they felt about the deep tone, but Goku Black's new posh voice seems to be getting good reactions. After all, the take does have a familiar quality to the voice Masako Nozawa gave Goku Black in Japanese.

Of course, fans will have to wait for Schemmel's anime work to see how Goku Black will sound in the show. There is still time for the actor to fine-tune is work, and the actor did tease fans about his evolving performance of the villain not too long ago. Taking to Twitter, Schemmel said he feels confident his current go at the fighter will blow away expectations:


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