Dragon Ball: Goku Sizes Up Superman in Sketch by DC Comics Artist

Dragon Ball's Saiyan hero Goku is ready to fight Superman in this awesome sketch by famous DC Comics artist, José Luis García-López. Luis is known for helping to define the broad-chested, body-builder sculpt for DC superheroes - a style that transitions all-too-easily into the similarly broad-chested and muscled looks of the Dragon Ball fighters. Of course, a lot of anime/manga fans will probably take issue with how the artwork presents Goku's signature Saiyan hairdo. Luis clearly goes with a much more naturalistic look for Goku's hair - which typically seems to defy all known laws of physics.

The crossover everyone wants (Art by comic artist José Luis pencils) from r/dbz

Putting aside the depiction of both Goku and Superman, this artwork once again sparks a major comic/manga fan debate: Who wins in a fight between Goku and Superman?

The debate has raged for years and only seems to get more complicated with time. That's because both Goku and Superman have seen their respective powers or forms evolve over the years, in both canon stories and non-canon tales. So, the first thing most fans have trouble with is settling on which versions of Superman and Goku do battle. Even when that's decided (say, your traditional DC Comics Superman vs. Dragon Ball Super Goku), the nature of a Saiyan's power vs the nature of Superman's solar-based powers is equally as contentious of a debate.

While it's fun to argue the point back and forth, it's also pretty fun to see Goku battling Superman onscreen. It hasn't happened yet in any official capacity, but that hasn't stopped fans from imagining the epic possibilities. The best example is probably the "Goku vs Superman" fan video created by MaSTAR Media in 2016: "GOKU vs SUPERMAN - The Animated Movie: Goku from Dragon Ball Super battles against America’s Greatest Hero, Superman."


As you can see above, that video takes the concept of a Goku vs. Superman battle and makes it a very real, and exciting, kinetic possibility. What's great about this particular video is that it takes the various levels of transformation that both Goku and Superman have been through over the years, and incorporates them into the fight as various stages of escalation in the tit-for-tat rounds of battle between the two powerhouse heroes. Superman even gets a nice Dragon Ball-style transformation process to become "Superman Prime - the distant future version of the hero who became one with the sun and was supercharged with power.

Goku vs. Superman: Who do you think would win?