Dragon Ball Heroes Cliffhanger Introduces an All-New Universe

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is about to jump into a brand new arc dubbed the "Space-Time War Arc", which promises to bring old heroes and villains back to the forefront of the series, and it seems as if the latest episode of the spin-off anime is kicking things off big time with the creation of an all-new universe. With the dark scientist Fu attempting to avenge his race while simultaneously creating a universe of his own creation, the cliffhanger for the latest episode shows Son Goku waking up in a world that appears far different from the one he knows.

Dragon Ball Heroes certainly isn't a perfect series, but it does give anime fans events and characters that they might have otherwise never have witnessed, with this episode providing a perfect example as Super Saiyan Blue Vegito teams up with the Vegito of the Xeno-Verse who is utilizing the power of Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4. With the original "Evil Broly" making a return, also utilizing the new transformation of Super Saiyan 4, both the Vegito of the main universe and the evil Saiyan dive into the new universe. As the final moments show Goku waking up next to Capsule Corps under a new sky, it will be interesting to see how this new universe differs from the one the Z Fighters call home.

Dragon Ball Heroes New Universe
(Photo: Toei Animation)

On top of the spin-off anime series, Dragon Ball Heroes continues as an Arcade Game in Japan, asking players to collect and utilize cards via arcade machines to make progress in the long-running entry into Akira Toriyama's franchise. While the main anime series is still on hiatus following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is showing no signs of slowing any time soon.

While these tales take place outside of the main continuity of Dragon Ball Super, it's clear that the fan service of the anime is one of its biggest draws, incorporating the original version of Broly and Super Saiyan 4 back into the lore. With the "Space-Time War Arc" hinting at the return of Cell, Hearts, and other villains, it's clear that the spin-off series is looking to offer fans things that the main series cannot.

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