Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Hearts' Godslayer Transformation

Dragon Ball Heroes latest episode now online, and it takes the "Universal Conflict" arc into its final stage, as the leader of the Core Area Warriors villain team finally unveils his secret weapon! It's been teased throughout the Universal Conflict arc that Heart's true goal is to kill the gods themselves (including Grand Zeno) using a cosmic weapon known as the Universe Seed. Thanks to Dragon Ball Heroes episode 16, we now know how Hearts will take out the gods: by achieving a new power-up transformation via the Universe Seed, that Hearts subtly names his "Godslayer" form!

Check out Hearts in Godslayer form:

dragon ball heroes Hearts Godslayer Form Powers

Hearts' new form seemingly puts him in sync with the Universe Seed - or perhaps even fuses him with the weapon. The result is Hearts own formidable psychic powers (telepathy, telekinesis) being combined with the Universe Seed's ability to absorb fighters' energy and transfer that power to the user. Hearts quickly tests the whether he can live up to the title of a "Godslayer" by unleashing his new power on the Resurrected Zamasu, breaking the evil kai down to energy form and absorbing him. As this is just a trial run for the larger divine assassinations that Hearts has in mind, and it seems he will indeed have the might and means to accomplish his goal.

The only thing standing in Hearts' way is an unlikely team-up between universes. Jiren of Univese 11 and Hit of Universe 6 have both been tapped by the gods to come to Earth in Universe 7 and make a stand against Hearts and the Core Area Warriors. Having Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, Jiren and Hit all on one team (oh, and the Z-Fighters too) is certainly the best chance that the universe (and its creators) seem to have right now. What remains to be seen is whether or not the combined power of this multidimensional fighter coalition will be enough to stop the villains, or if Goku, Vegeta, and possibly other fighters have to reach yet another limit break to become something that can defeat Hearts. Seeing Ultra Instinct Goku and Jiren's full power form battling together would be the next kind of fangasmic service that Dragon Ball Heroes was made for.

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