Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 Trailer Teases Gods of Destruction Arc

During last year's Jump Festa 2020, a second season of Dragon Ball Heroes to coincide with the upcoming Big Bang Mission expansion coming to the arcade game was reportedly announced, but it was hard to confirm given that translations for announcements during the event passed through multiple sources. But this murkiness has cleared up as the first trailer for the second season of the promotional anime series has made its way online, and it's teasing many of the major new characters and returning favorites showing up in the next arc.

While the Destroyers were left largely unexplored by the end of Dragon Ball Super's anime run, it seems that they will be making their return to the franchise for Dragon Ball Heroes' second batch of episodes as one part in the trailer teases an "assault" of the Gods of Destruction.

Coming to Japan later this March, this trailer for the second season touts that many of the characters introduced over Dragon Ball Heroes thus far will be making an appearance. This includes many characters that took part in arcs before the promotional anime series began adapting the events of the arcade game, but the Destroyers seem to be a completely new one. The Gods were briefly seen toward the end of the Universal Conflict arc, so it's clear that they're in the Heroes universe already.

The introduction of the Destroyer gods and Angels offered up a lot more enticing aspects of the Dragon Ball lore. And potentially more so than the idea of the multiverse itself, the Gods of Destruction were shrouded in mystery as clues continued to be sprinkled throughout the franchise as to how a being becomes one of these gods. But the official series has yet to expand on this idea in significant ways beyond just using them to move some of the arcs forward.


This is especially true for the Gods not involved with the Tournament of Power as there are still a few universes filled with even stronger fighters not yet explored. So while the official anime currently has no future, at least Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series will continue to dig into the multiverse and its possibilities.

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