Dragon Ball Chart Shares a Few Secrets to the Namekian Language

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are a lot of different races that fans have run into. From the [...]

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are a lot of different races that fans have run into. From the first series up until the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super, there is a lot to discover in the series. Of course, there are some questions which linger with fans regarding their go-to alien race. But if you ever had questions about the Namekian language, well - Dragon Ball did once try to make the whole thing easier for fans.

Over on Twitter, noted fan-translator Herms98 directed attention to the helpful lesson that Dragon Ball shared once. The info was contained in Daizenshuu 7 as the magazine included a handy breakdown of Namekian words. It was there fans learned how to write Piccolo as well as some other words, but Herms98 took the chart a little further.

You can check out the user's explanation of the Namekian language above. As it turns out, Dragon Ball has done some interesting things with the language right under our noses. For instance, Dende asks to save Piccolo on Earth with a wish at one point, but he does not use the runes for Piccolo's name. Instead, the runes for Namek and Person are used, so it seems Dende failed to identify the exact Namekian he meant during this stint.

"The rune for Namek also appears during Dende's final wish, to teleport everyone from Namek to Earth. This time it's not followed with the "person" rune, so apparently he's just referring to Planet Namek itself and not a Namekian," Herms98 explains later on.

Clearly, the Namekian is as filled with nuances just like any other language, but fans are sure its limited use in Dragon Ball is for the best. It is difficult coming up with a language on your own, and few creators like J.R.R. Tolkien mastered it. And while Akira Toriyama could do so, we're not sure if there are enough Namekians in Universe 7 to warrant that sort of effort.

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