Dragon Ball Super Calls Back to Dragon Ball Z with One Lethal Blow

Dragon Ball Z is widely considered to be the franchise's peak, but fans will be the first to remind you that everyone's tastes are different. For many fans, they would rank Dragon Ball Super as their favorite series, and the manga has only made that feeling even stronger as of late. After all, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been stellar as of late, and it made a very clever throwback to one of Piccolo's deadliest attacks.

The scene came to light when chapter 62 debuted. Dragon Ball Super fans were quick to pick up the chapter, and it contained a lot of shocking info. Not only did Moro possibly kill Goku by putting a crater in his chest, but Piccolo was gouged by the baddie shortly after. The Namekian was sent flying after Moro revealed he can still use Piccolo's powers and proved as much with an attack.

And what was this attack? If you flip to the end of chapter 62, you will see Piccolo struggling against Moro in battle. It gets so bad that the Namekian tells Jaco he is going to self-explode in hopes of luring the baddie away, but he never gets the chance. Moro taps into his copy technique to use Piccolo's signature attack against him, and you might have a flashback to Dragon Ball Z after seeing the ambush.

dragon ball piccolo moro goku

After all, Piccolo took a hit right to the stomach just like Goku did years ago. When the Saiyan was trying to kill Raditz, Piccolo shot off a Special Beam Cannon that killed Goku, and Moro shot the exact same beam at Piccolo with uncertain results. It doesn't seem like he's dead yet... but there is still time left for Moro to finish the job.


As you can see here, Piccolo did not see the attack coming, and the Special Beam Cannon went right through Piccolo. The attack dug through his torso in the same place it got Goku years ago. That was a deadly blow for the Saiyan back then, and it could still be one for Piccolo. And with this kind of power at hand, fans are right in saying that Moro can only be defeated by divine intervention if that!

Did you think Piccolo would get a taste of his own medicine like this? And from Moro of all people? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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