Dragon Ball Reveals Unleashes Concept Art for New Super Saiyan 4 Forms

Super Saiyan 4 remains a beloved transformation in Dragon Ball's history, despite the fact that it has yet to appear in the main continuity, having yet to be utilized in Dragon Ball Super by either Goku or Vegeta. While Super Dragon Ball Heroes has brought Super Saiyan 4 back to life, even giving it a new twist with the "Limit Breaker" upgrade, it would seem that even more forms have been revealed thanks to two unique heroes that have helped pushed the arcade game forward.   

Super Saiyan 4 first arrived during Dragon Ball Grand Tour's "Baby Arc", which saw a villain arrive that had a serious ax to grind with the Saiyan race, which is somewhat close to the origins of Granolah in the latest Dragon Ball Super Arc. Though Son Goku had been transformed into a child at the time thanks to a wish made by Pilaf, he was able to achieve this wild new transformation by growing his tail back. Thanks to the power of Super Saiyan 4, Goku was able to temporarily become an adult once again, with Vegeta also eventually learning the form as well, though the Saiyan Prince "cheated" by using a device that Bulma had created. 

More Super Saiyan 4

In the latest Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, new Super Saiyan 4 forms were shared for Beat and Note, the protagonists of this strange spin-off series when it comes to the arcade games, with the two young avatars seemingly achieving far more transformations than Goku and Vegeta had when it came to this bestial form:

Shonen Jump weekly Magazine scans: SSJ4 Beat and Note concept art from dbz

Super Saiyan 4 hasn't made its way to the main Dragon Ball Super series, though Heroes allowed fans to see one of their dream battles take place as the Goku of the Time Patrol fought against the Goku that we know, pitting this form against Super Saiyan Blue. With Gohan achieving a new form in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that made him look more fearsome than ever in "Gohan Beast", perhaps we'll see a transformation in the Shonen's future that looks closer to 4.

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