Dragon Ball Super Art Brings Vegeta's God Form Into Color

Dragon Ball Super hopes to give the fandom a big anime update this week, but for now, the series [...]

Dragon Ball Super hopes to give the fandom a big anime update this week, but for now, the series is focusing on its manga. For those who do not know, the manga has been moving forward with new stories following the end of Dragon Ball Super's TV run. Its most recent arc introduced our Saiyans to a new foe called Granolah, and he has become a serious threat to Universe 7. But now, Vegeta has a brand-new form to save the day that fans are bringing to life in color.

First, let's look back a second. The whole form thing kicked off this week when Dragon Ball Super put out a new chapter. The update gave a thorough visit to Vegeta as he fought Granolah one-on-one in the wake of Goku's defeat. Despite Vegeta being manhandled, the Saiyan did not lose any faith as he continued to fight Granolah. This all made sense once the new chapter ended as its cliffhanger introduced a terrifying new form.

Now, fans have taken to social media to share their own takes on the godly form, and Vegeta looks downright terrifying. Dragon Ball Super has yet to verify the official color scheme for the form, but thanks to an original anime episode, we have an idea of what's going on. After all, Toppo's God of Destruction form had some unique traits, and it seems like this new transformation will be similar in that regard.

As you can see above, artists like Gachristian1GD and byChampa hit up the fandom with stunning versions of Vegeta's form. The power boost appears to surround Vegeta with a fiery aura that artists have imagined as purple in these pieces. Of course, fans are hoping Vegeta's hair takes a purple hue when he enters this state, and this aesthetic works impossibly well for Vegeta. So if Dragon Ball Super makes these fandom-approved designs canon, well - Vegeta is going to get some lit figures before much longer!

If you need to catch up with the Dragon Ball Super manga, you can do so very easily these days. Viz Media has the entire series up-to-date in its digital vault with new chapters added monthly. You can also find print copies at your local bookstore although many manga volumes are sold out these days due to demand.

What do you think of these takes on Vegeta's new form? Where do you rank this transformation...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.