Dragon Ball Super Panel Gives Update on Vegeta's Post-Fight State

New Dragon Ball Super Panel Updates on Vegeta's Post-Fight State

A new Dragon Ball Super manga panel reveals just how Vegeta is faring following his epic battle with Granolah. When Granolah nearly killed Vegeta in battle, it caused the Saiyan Prince to spontaneously evolve, and finally manifest his God of Destruction form: "Ultra Ego." That new form was powered by Vegeta having nothing left to fuel him but the love of destruction, a tactic that also made the power a desperate gambit, wherein Vegeta had to pour all he had into taking down Granolah before his battle damage caught up to him. However, Vegeta's evolution sparked in major power jump in Granolah as well - so how are things looking for Vegeta in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76? 

As you can see in this panel from Dragon Ball Super chapter 76 above, it looks like Vegeta put all he had into his massive energy ball attack on Granolah. It was an attack the Cerealian warrior was able to shoot through using his new secondary enhanced eye and sniper blasts. The artwork in the panel makes it seem pretty clear that Vegeta has fallen out of his Ultra Ego form and is back in base form. Seems as though the damage finally got the better of Vegeta. 

However, even though Vegeta looks like he is down, the Saiyan Prince certainly is not out yet. Vegeta is seen declaring to Granolah that "The one who decides my fate, is none other than me!!!" A simple but firm reaffirmation of who Vegeta really is. 

Still, Vegeta boasts a lot - and just as often his boldest declarations come before a hard fall (see: The Buu Saga, Tournament of Power). In fact, Vegeta is sounding ominously like he did at the climax of his Majin Vegeta battle when he sacrificed himself in a furious explosion of energy. That whole 'deciding his own fate' line makes it seem like Vegeta could once again pull the trigger... on himself. 

That's a bold swing in the other direction of fan expectations just a few months ago - back when there was some real hope (even excitement) that Vegeta could actually be the hero of this Granloah Arc. Goku had gone down against Granolah in battle (nearly fatally), and when Vegeta suddenly burst through to new power all his own, it looked like we might actually - finally - see Vegeta step full out from Goku's shadow. 

Now, we're just wondering if Vegeta will actually make it out of this battle alive. Dragon Ball got us again.

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