'Dragon Ball Super': New Broly Design Teases a Major Freeza Connection

After some early Dragon Ball Super: Broly promo images appeared online recently, we here at Comicbook.com/anime spotted a major hint that there will be a significant connection between Broly and Freeza. Well, some new promo art of the movie's take on Broly's base form and Legendary Super Saiyan form has surfaced, and it only adds fuel on the fire of this Broly/Freeza connection theory:

As you can see above, these clearer images of Broly reveal details that Dragon Ball fans have quickly pieced together. The new armor we see Broly wearing in his base form is clearly a callback to the uniforms worn by high-ranking officers in Freeza's army. That "Soldier Broly" also comes with a device around his neck that seems like a callback to the control device Broly's father Paragus fitted him with in the first Dragon Ball Z: Broly movie. Taking all of that into account, it seems a major part of Dragon Ball Super: Broly's storyline is now coming into view.

Here's how we previously broke it down:

"This suggests a possible big twist in Dragon Ball Super: Broly's story that sees Freeza discover and manipulate the Legendary Super Saiyan, employing him as a weapon of conquer, and a deterrent to Goku, Vegeta and the Z-Fighters. It would make a certain amount of sense, if you connect some dots:

  • The first Dragon Ball Z Broly movie started with the LSSJ being a mystery antagonist, who has been terrorizing a sector of the universe, before Goku discovers that the destroyer is Broly. DBS:B could open with a similar premise - only with Freeza pulling the strings.
    Last we saw Freeza in DBS, he was alive again and back to his evil ways, having gathered a new army.
  • The first DBS:B poster has teased a possible storyline of Broly being one of the Saiyan babies that was launched into the universe to conquer other planets; Freeza's history with the Saiyans would mean he would know of this colonizing attempt, and could possibly track down Broly.
  • After all he saw in the Tournament of Power, Freeza knows he needs a greater power on his side to conquer the universe; having his own Saiyan WMD would certainly do it, after he saw Goku's massive potential for power during the ToP.
  • This scenario would also set up a third act twist, where Broly learns it was Freeza (and Lord Beerus) who destroyed the Saiyan homeworld, and would go Berserker against the Evil Emperor, forcing Goku and Vegeta to stop him. The biggest potential twist of all would be this kind of story leaving Broly in a place where he's actually Goku's ally, and not some villain who hates Goku for crying too much as a baby! Now that would be interesting for future Dragon Ball anime series, where "Uncle Broly" could pop by on the regular..."

Does this possible new take on Broly excite you? Or do you think it's a bad idea? Let us know in the comments!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released in December in Japan, and January 2019 in the US. Dragon Ball Super airs its English Dubs Saturday nights on Cartoon Network's Toonami. Dragon Ball Heroes is the new promotional anime series now streaming online in Japan.