'Dragon Ball Super' Custom Figure Shows off Legendary Great Ape Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been a major box office smash all over the world - but more importantly, it's brought Broly back to fans. Now that Broly is back and seemingly has a an exciting future ahead of him in the franchise, fans are letting their imaginations run wild.

Today we have one concept that seems to be impressing a lot of fans: Dragon Ball Super's Broly in Legendary Great Ape form!

Legendary Oozaru Broly custom figure from r/dbz

We never got to see Broly's Great Ape transformation during Dragon Ball Super: Broly, due to a major plot twist involving Broly's unique power set. While isolated on Planet Vampa with his father Paragus, Broly exhibited uniquely powerful and unstable battle potential, which Paragus could barely control. At the times when the moon brought out Broly's Great Ape form, he apparently became so wildly dangerous that Paragus eventually amputated his tail. In fact, some promos for DBS:B revealed the added details that Paragus had to routinely amputate Broly's tail for quite some time before it stopped growing back! The end result was Broly undergoing a unique (Super Saiyan 4-style) evolution, in which he is able to channel the limitless power of a Legendary Great Ape through his humanoid form.

WARNING - Dragon Ball Super: Broly Spoilers follow!

Now that Paragus is dead, and Broly is back on Vampa, it's not out of the question that his tail could one day grow back - especially now that Broly has gone through the evolution of unlocking his Super Saiyan form. It's not just another item on the extensive Dragon Ball Super fan wish-list: Broly's Great Ape power could potentially become a pivotal piece of DBS's storyline.

The current storyline in the manga is the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, which features a new villain named "Planet-Eater Moro," an ancient sorcerer who's basically Dragon Ball's Galactus. Moro was only defeated ten million years in the past because the Grand Kai sacrificed a great portion of his godly ki to seal Moro's magic away, making him vulnerable. That ominous foreshadow could potentially lead to Goku and Vegeta having to make a similar sacrifice, to defeat Moro in the present battle.

If Saiyan god ki gets taken off the table, someone like Broly would arguably become Dragon Ball Super's most valuable power source. Goku set Broly up properly on Vampa in order to use him as a future training partner; if Goku loses Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue with it, then re-training himself to channel power like Broly could become an important mission for Goku.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is out now. Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. It is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release is available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and Crunchyroll.

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