'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Trailer Reintroduces Paragus

The new trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly reintroduces a whole set of characters in the canon, [...]

The new trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly reintroduces a whole set of characters in the canon, including Broly's father, Paragus.

Paragus has had the most shocking overhaul in design out of any character in the new trailer. He is shown with grey hair and a grey beard, rather than his previous simple black mustache. He also looks far more haggard than he did in his first appearance, with lines in his face and a bag under his one good eye.

Even the new voice of Paragus sounds older and more tired than in Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. That movie -- released in 1993 -- had Dameon Clarke playing the devious Saiyan father. It is unclear if he has returned to the role, as the IMDb page for DBSB has no listing for Paragus yet.

Still, a lot has been kept the same about the character. He bears the same brutal scar across his left eye, which is apparently permanently closed. He also still wears very traditional-looking Saiyan armor, though the high-collared white cape has been replaced with a long pink skirt.

Most importantly, it looks like Paragus's motivation has not changed much. The trailer shows him urging his deranged son on, ordering him to attack Vegeta and Goku.

Next to Paragus, Broly himself underwent the biggest design changes for the new movie. The canonized Broly wears some kind of ragged cloth tied around his waist, full Saiyan armor. Most significantly, he is missing the bejeweled circlet on his head, which allowed Paragus to control him in the first movie.

Broly does, however, where a strange collar tight around his throat. Fans are speculating that this is likely the replacement for his old crown, as the collar is gone by the time Broly reaches his final form. Some are disappointed by the change, as the jewels lent an old-world aesthetic to the duo.

On the other hand, the collar may make more sense in the context of Broly and Paragus' apparent poverty. The father-son duo are supposed to be living in squalor after the destruction of Planet Vegeta, meaning that a more simple, battered collar would be easier for Paragus to obtain.

Either way, the plot of Dragon Ball Super: Broly will completely re-write the history of the Saiyan villains. Akira Toriyama has responded to fans' enthusiasm for the characters by bringing them into the series' official canon, but in doing so he is starting their stories from scratch.

Already, the movie appears to borrow elements from all three existing Broly movies. The arctic setting and the X-shaped scar on Broly's chest are both references to Broly: Second Coming, while the presence of Paragus and Saiyan ship indicates some plot points from the original.

Fans will have to wait until January to see just how this new story will shake out!