‘Dragon Ball’ Writer Pays Tribute To The Anime's Latest Loss

Dragon Ball fans are used to seeing characters die, but the loss never becomes any easier to bear. Recently, the series reminded fans how hard it is to say goodbye to a favorite fighter, and one anime writer is taking time to honor the loss.

Over on Twitter, Yoshita Toshio took to social media to address the recent elimination of Champa. The outspoken God of Destruction was annihilated by the Omni-Kings in the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super. The anime said farewell to all of Universe 6 as well as Universe 2 considering the pair were knocked out of the Tournament of Power, but it is Champa’s loss that is hitting fans the hardest.

Apparently, it is also making Toshio a bit weepy.

toshio champa
(Photo: Twitter / Toshio Yoshita )

The screenwriter shared a hand-drawn sketch he did of Champa to commemorate the character for fans. “Dear Champa,” Toshio wrote. “I’ll never forget you. Thanks for the nice memories.”

It’s been a couple days since Champa was - well - killed off, and fans are still teary over the loss. Dragon Ball Super parted ways with the god on what shaped up to be a very somber note. After Champa’s team was erased, the character was seen glowing as the Omni-Kings prepared to wipe him from existence. Champa called out to his twin Beerus from Universe 7, but when the other god turned, Champa gave fans an unexpected goodbye. Rather than saying any final words, Champa simply stuck his tongue out at Beerus before being erased, and the moment’s emotional score had fans tearing up despite their best efforts.


Of course, fans feel confident they have not seen the last of Champa just yet. The character is a fan-favorite one, and he was one of Universe 6's overseers. The universe is one of Dragon Ball Super's best additions to the franchise, and Vegeta even said he planned to revive the universe should he win the Super Dragon Balls. It's just a matter of time until Champa is brought back to the anime, and fans are eager to see the god's reunion with Beerus.

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