'Dragon Ball Super' Unlocks Buu's Godly Power

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter shifts the scales in Goku and Vegeta's battle against the evil powerhouse sorcerer Moro - and for once things actually shift in their favor! The chapter starts off with both Goku and Vegeta prepared to die defending New Namek's final Dragon Ball against Moro - knowing full well that the sorcerer's malevolent magical abilities cancel out all of their Super Saiyan powers. And, with his new ability to sense the Dragon Balls directly, Moro indeed shows up on their doorstep looking for a fight!

However, just when Goku and Vegeta think it's all over, the Galactic Patrol shows up to take Moro on, and they bring a secret weapon with them: Majin Buu!

Buu is inconveniently napping when the Galactic Patrol springs into action, but Moro's evil presence quickly wakes the big guy up. And it's not just Buu who wakes up: something inside Buu that's been long dormant also wakes up - or rather, someone.

This entire "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc in the Dragon Ball Super manga began with the backstory of how Daikaioh (aka the King of Supreme Kais, who Majin Buu absorbed to become "Fat Buu") first defeated Moro ten million years ago. Well, ten million years wasn't long enough for the grudge to die, because as soon as the part of Daikaioh inside Buu sense Moro, the old god comes out fuming, ready to kick some ass!

As it turns out, Buu really is the perfect weapon to weild against Moro. The combination of Daikaioh's knowledge, and Buu's malleable, taffy-like body, negates Moro's fiery planet-energy attacks, and provides immunity to the villain's energy siphoning powers. In short: Buu is the Moro-killer that the good guys have been desperately waiting for! Unfortunately, the issue ends with Buu standing triumphant and ready to thrash Moro - but we have to wait a month to actually see it happen!

Given how much we learned about Buu and his absorption process during his big arc in Dragon Ball Z, it will be interesting to see how he evolves, now that Daikaioh's persona are more active and woke inside him.



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