Dragon Ball Super Confirms Moro's Desire for Goku, Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has reached a new phase as Goku and Vegeta now [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has reached a new phase as Goku and Vegeta now have a deadline set to their training in order to face off against Planet Eater Moro. Moro defeated them quite soundly during their first two attempts at taking him down on New Namek, and it's made them struggle to figure out what exactly they can do in order to actually defeat him. But given how powerful Moro is, it was hinted that he was waiting for them to get stronger for no real reason at all other than self-satisfaction.

The latest chapter of the series confirmed this to be the case as now Moro has discussed his plan to not only let Goku and Vegeta grow as much as they possibly can, but the rest of Earth's fighters as well as they'll be that much more of a fulfilling meal for him when he finally absorbs their ki.

Chapter 54 of the series sees Moro's henchman asking Moro why he just won't eat the planet Earth after finding out they have powerful fighters, Moro says it's because they no longer really have any credible threats. When Krillin and Piccolo tell them about Goku and Vegeta's training, Moro says to wait before finding and confronting them because they'll give him a greater energy as long as he waits.

He wants to eat the Earth and Goku and Vegeta's power all in one delicious meal, and is willing to take his time because there are no fighters on the Galactic Patrol that could feasibly challenge him. Jaco manages to buy Earth two months of waiting, and it's not like Moro is against this idea. At this point, he's literally playing with his food much as he did the first two times fighting against them on Namek.

Two months is nothing to a villain over 10,000 years old who has also been waiting to enact this grand plan while sitting in his Galactic Patrol Prison cell. So he's willing to wait because he truly believes that a stronger Goku and Vegeta will not be any true challenge to him and will probably be pretty delicious when at their full, newly trained power.

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