Dragon Ball Super: What to Expect from Chapter 60

Dragon Ball Super is living its best life in print as the series moves forward with its manga. The anime might have closed a few years back, but Goku and Vegeta are still training their hearts out. Thanks to Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro, the Saiyans are thriving, and fans are ready to know what happens in the manga's next chapter.

This week will mark the return of Dragon Ball Super when V-Jump goes live. Once the magazine is live, it will not take long for Viz Media to release chapter 60 in English. But as rumors and reported leaks begin to surface, the discussion around Dragon Ball Super is at a high. Here at ComicBook.com, we are breaking down what fans can really expect from the new chapter and whether it should bring in Vegeta.

For those of you caught up with manga, you will know Goku and Vegeta are in a tough place right now. Vegeta is training over in Yardrat to hone his Spirit Control while Goku uses Ultra Instinct Sign against Moro on Earth. The baddie is hellbent on devouring the planet after the Saiyans challenged him awhile back, and the only thing capable of stopping Moro are Earth's Saiyans.

dragon ball manga 60

When chapter 60 goes live, fans can expect to see more of Goku's fight with Moro. The most recent chapter ended with Goku powering back into Ultra Instinct Sign to wear Moro down, but the villain felt better about his chances after getting some hits on Goku. This fight will likely span most of the chapter, so maybe Goku will pull out some new moves during this battle.

Dragon Ball Super also needs to wrap up loose ends with Vegeta since he is still on Yardrat. The hero is determined to learn a technique on the planet that outperforms Instant Transmission, so this chapter could be the one where Vegeta shows up. Hopefully, he will get to save the day this time since Goku is sure to be tired from fighting Moro, but there's no telling what technique he learned.


As the clock counts down to the chapter's release, fans are getting more and more anxious for its debut. Goku and Vegeta are preparing to take on one of the series' best villains yet, so here is to hoping the Saiyans show Moro why nobody should ever mess with Earth.

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