‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases A Big Gohan Comeback

Dragon Ball Super is moving ahead with the Tournament of Power, and Universe 7 is hurting after one of its own got ousted. Piccolo was just taken out of the event by a tricky Universe 4 fighter, and Gohan is none too happy about the loss. After all, the show’s next episode will see Gohan go off as he lets off steam against Universe 3.

Recently, a set of new Dragon Ball Super synopses went out for the anime’s impending episodes. Animedia, Animage, and more released summaries for the show’s 120th episode, and the descriptions hint that Gohan is about to make a big comeback.

“The warriors of Universe 3 face off against Goku. The glowing merging warrior[s] transform, and Goku and co. fight back. With Gohan's help, they break through the barrier with a Kamehameha, scorching the merged warriors,” Animage says, pointing out Gohan’s impending Kamehameha offense.

As for Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine took its time to point out Gohan as he took on the merged fighters of Universe 3.

“After triumphing in their fierce battle against Universe 4, Goku and co. are now attacked by a new enemy, Universe 3! Gohan takes on the enemy after they merge together and gain astonishing battle power, but…?!”


The preview reel for episode 120 heavily features Gohan, but there are fans thinking this resurgence may be the fighter’s calling card. The synopses are not afraid to hint at a turn in Gohan’s battle against Universe 3, and that twist could be Gohan getting eliminated. After the loss of Piccolo, Gohan is fighting without his wingman watching over him. The Saiyan could get overconfident with his skills and leave him open to the surprising Universe 3 fusion coming his way.

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