Dragon Ball Super Teases First Details About New Arc

"Granola The Survivor Arc" has been revealed to be the next arc for Dragon Ball Super, spinning directly out of the long-running Moro Arc within the pages of the manga, and the first details for the next chapter of the Z Fighters has arrived before the hyped-up event of Jump Festa. With the Shonen Jump convention only a few days away, expect more big reveals for the anime franchise of Akira Toriyama to be revealed, alongside a number of other Shonen goldmines such as My Hero Academia, One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more!

The Moro Arc has one last chapter left to tell, picking up the pieces that were left by the sorcerer's reign of terror in attempting to steal the energy from his enemies as well as all the planets of the universe. With Goku getting a huge power boost thanks in part to Vegeta's new technique of Forced Spirit Fission, along with the energy of his fellow Z Fighters and the reincarnation of Kid Buu in Uub, Son was able to defeat Moro despite giving the antagonist every possible opportunity to win the day as the Saiyan warrior attempted to redeem the horned foe.

Twitter User Dragon Ball Hype shared the first trailer for the next arc of Dragon Ball Super, "Granola The Survivor Arc", which shows some big spoilers for what fans can expect from this new storyline that will take elements directly from Moro and the arrival of his henchmen:

The arc itself has a big revelation in the trailer that the artificial henchman of Moro, OG-731 still lives, hanging by a thread with only his head managing to make it after he was absorbed by his boss. With the arc focusing on not just OG, but other members of Moro's gang, it will be interesting to see where this arc goes and what implications it will have on the future of Dragon Ball Super. As Goku has now mastered Ultra Instinct, a new villain will certainly have to have quite the high power level to pose a threat to the Earth at this point!

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