Dragon Ball Super Reveals Goku's New Level of Ultra Instinct Mastery

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has reached its third act as the Earth's remaining Z Fighters have been overpowered by Moro's escaped prisoner army. After zoning in on Krillin's ki with his Instant Transmission, Goku was able to return from being lost in space and ready to take on Moro's entire army alone. Dragon Ball Super has finally launched Chapter 58 of the series, and after waiting for several months in universe and in real time, Goku and Moro will finally face off against one another. But the more important thing here is we'll finally see the results of his training with Merus.

Goku has been training with Merus (who happened to be an Angel in-training) in an effort to better get a grasp on the Ultra Instinct form that he wasn't able to re-activate following the end of the Tournament of Power. But as we see in Chapter 58, that training has been successful to the point where Goku has now mastered its initial form and can use it at will.

The chapter sees Goku arriving to help Gohan and the others fight off against the strengthened Saganbo, and he moves with such a speed that Gohan and Piccolo are unable to keep up with the fight. But Moro can, and he pushes Goku to reveal the form that he used to do this. Goku confirms that this was Ultra Instinct's first state, Sign.


Goku reveals that it's a power he gained just to defeat Moro, and focuses for a bit before calling on the familiar godly ki of Ultra Instinct. Moro instantly recognize that it's no mortal ability, and Goku confirms this is the first stage of the form. This implies that he can reach the other stage at will, but for now this level of mastery means that his training was successful considering how much trouble it took before.

But the big question is whether or not this will be enough to successfully defeat Moro this time around? What are your thoughts on the fight so far? What do you think of Goku's new level of Ultra Instinct mastery? Does Ultra Instinct's new use in the series mean it's going to join his extended roster of transformations for good? Does this dilute the Ultra Instinct power in any way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!