'Dragon Ball Super' Fans Connect Goku and Vegeta's New Forms to Whis

Dragon Ball Super's latest episode saw Goku and Vegeta go all-out, pushing their respective power [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest episode saw Goku and Vegeta go all-out, pushing their respective power to the limits, in order to take on Jiren in the final bout of the Tournament of Power.

For Goku, the tournament has unlocked the mysterious godly power of "Ultra Instinct," while Vegeta has just unlocked some new form that has yet to be officially defined (at the time of writing this). While Dragon Ball can sometimes get arbitrary with its power-up stacking, Dragon Ball Super fans with long memories have managed to connect dots that show how Goku and Vegeta's latest power-ups aren't arbitrary, at all. In fact, these new manifestations of power are actually Whis' training finally bearing some timely fruit!

[spoilers] Regarding limit breaking and Whis' training. from dbz

Whis always appears to be such a low-key and nonchalant character, but this is pretty solid evidence that the angel is damn good at his job! He seems to have had control of Vegeta and Goku's respective developments, carefully guiding them to where they needed to be at this exact time, for this exact test of their strength. It's divine insight combined with the same smoothness and patience that makes Whis such a great handler for Lord Beerus - and such a fan-favorite!

This kind of insight also makes us want to revisit more of what Whis has said during the Tournament of Power, as they may be clues as to where the "Universe Survival" saga is headed next. Some fan theories have pointed the series' next big bad being a threat to the angels, gods, kais and divine figures - could Whis having been pushing Goku and Vegeta to new Saiyan godly limits in preparation for that threat? If anyone could save the universe with such grace and style - it's definitely Whis.

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