Dragon Ball Super Calls Out Goku's Ultra Instinct Weakness

Dragon Ball Super called out Goku's current Ultra Instinct weakness with the newest chapter of the [...]

Dragon Ball Super called out Goku's current Ultra Instinct weakness with the newest chapter of the series! The Granolah the Survivor arc has seen Goku begin further training with Whis to better use his Ultra Instinct now that he can use it at will. The newest chapter of the series finally makes good on the main promise of the Granolah the Survivor arc by having Goku and the titular Granolah face off against one another. Since he's been training Ultra Instinct almost exclusively, this is the first technique he wanted to try out in his first real battle.

The newest chapter of the series reveals that while Goku has gotten much better at using Ultra Instinct at will, Goku still leaves himself quite open to surprises because when tuning out his mind and staying in a reactive state, he can't quickly process when he needs to change his strategy. The chapter even sees Vegeta calling him out on this and telling Goku he relies on Ultra Instinct too much as a result.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Ultra Instinct Weakness Called Out Spoilers
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Ultra Instinct gives Goku a faster reaction speed than he was ever capable of before, but Chapter 72 of the series reveals that Goku's over reliance on it leaves him open. Without the use of his battle instincts, Goku's open in a whole other way as he's taken down twice when Granolah hits his weak points. Facing such a speedier opponent, it's then also revealed that Ultra Instinct has a completely unexpected limit within Goku's body.

One interesting thing Granolah notes is how he was able to see Goku's blood flow and inner workings, and spotted his weak points through this. This raises an interesting question about whether or not Granolah would have been able to see this is Goku had been using his mastered version of Ultra Instinct. Because if that complete version of his form allows him to keep his awareness while instantly reacting to attacks, it could still be limiting by Goku's body.

It's his body moving before he realizes it, so Ultra Instinct theoretically can only move as fast as Goku's body can. Even at the peak of Ultra Instinct mastery, his body could hold him back from reaching the upper tiers of the ability. It's a divine technique, after all. So not only does Goku's over reliance on it make it a less viable technique, but Granolah might have just pointed out a major weakness Goku might not be able to overcome.

What do you think? Do you think Goku's physical limits are as easy to overcome as his mental ones? Is there a way Goku can break through the mortal ceiling and truly master Ultra Instinct? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!