'Dragon Ball' Creator Reveals The Inspiration Behind Golden Freeza

Sometimes, it is hard to take Freeza seriously when he starts talking about his forms. The villain had lots of fun jerking fans around about his power levels back in the day, and Dragon Ball Z appeared to max out his powers when Freeza reached his final form. However, Dragon Ball Super chose to shake things up by giving Freeza yet another form, and the series’ creator wants everyone to know how he thought up the boost.

Recently, one of Dragon Ball’s archives updated and shared some intriguing art with fans. The site, which is called The Nearly Complete Works of Toriyama, shared the artist’s designs of Golden Freeza from Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ with fans. The upload showed off the baddie’s shiny form, and it made sure to include a comment by Toriyama about the transformation.

According to translators, Akira Toriyama said he chose to make the Golden Freeza form because he could not find a way to simplify the guy’s final form anymore.

“I couldn't make his form any simpler, so instead I mainly just changed his color,” the artist explained. “Gold felt like the strongest, I guess because I associate it with Gold Medals.”

So, there you have it. When Toriyama realized Freeza was due for another power-up, he realized he could not do away with the sleek form he gave the villain awhile back. However, Toriyama could give it a color change, so that is what the creator went with.

Of course, this is not the only time Toriyama has used color shifts to bring about new transformation. For a long time, the Super Saiyan power-ups just changed hair length, but Dragon Ball Super introduced new hair colors. Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, and other forms like Ultra Instinct gave Goku boosted power and a dye job. So, fans can only expect what kind of color Freeza will take on next.


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