Dragon Ball Super Teases the Birth of the Universe's Next Great Fighter

The new year is here, and that means Dragon Ball Super is ready to take on a new arc. After [...]

The new year is here, and that means Dragon Ball Super is ready to take on a new arc. After dealing with Moro and the gang in 2020, the manga is preparing to put Goku through his paces once more. The next arc coming to Dragon Ball promises to introduce some impressive villains who have a dark history with the Saiyan race. And thanks to a new promo, it seems a prophecy will accompany this arc which foretells the birth of the universe's greatest warrior to date.

The update came recently when Dragon Ball Super put out a promo for its next chapter. The release, which drops next week, plans to give fans a better take on Granolah and his mission. However, as the promo shows, Goku will receive a prophecy in this arc that has piqued interested.

According to the Oracle Fish, a warrior is about to be born into Universe 7 that surpasses Goku. The promo calls this mysterious figure the greatest warrior in the universe, and it will be born soon. At this point, fans have no idea who or what this prophecy is referring to, but they have plenty of ideas.

The first is more literal as fans are curious if a new fighter is about to be born. Bulla was born amidst the drama of Dragon Ball Super, so it is possible. There is always a chance a new Saiyan could be born perhaps on Broly's side, but any warrior could be literally birthed this arc according to the Oracle Fish.

The second theory going around is a metaphorical take on birth. A warrior can be birthed at any time when the situation demands, so that could be the ordeal here. The Oracle Fish might foresee the arrival of such a moment, and it could refer to anyone - even Goku. All it would require is a new power boost, and Dragon Ball Super is really good at creating those for its heroes.

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