Dragon Ball Revives One of Goku's Foes for the First Time

The Dragon Ball series is like most other comic/manga/superhero material, in the sense that death is never really, truly a permanent thing. In fact, Goku has had to see more than a few of foes come back from the dead in various pieces of Dragon Ball lore, from Freeza, to Piccolo, to a reincarnated Majin Buu (Uub). However, one of the more recent enemies that Goku faced has just gotten a new lease on life, thanks to the latest Dragon Ball Heroes episode! While the main focus was all about the new Super Saiyan 4 form that debuted, a final button seen reveals that Hearts is still in the picture!

Hearts was the main villain of Dragon Ball Heroes' previous arc, "Universal Conflict: Dawn of War". That storyline saw Hearts (a powerful psychic warrior) set loose with his gang The Core Area Warriors after the Prison Planet holding them was destroyed. Hearts' had one of hte most ambitious goals of any Dragon Ball villain: he sought to use an energy-siphoning artifact called the Universe Seed to steal energy from the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball Super multiverse. Once he had obtained enough power, Hearts infused himself with the power of the Universe Seed, which presumably would give him the power to destroy Grand Zeno himself. Instead, the combined might of Gogeta, Jiren, and Hit, is enough to destroy the Universe Seed inside of Hearts, and he faded from existence. It's kind of curious to therefore see him with a halo, no?

As careful viewers know, the Prison Planet battle and Hearts' mission with the Universe Seed, were both schemes of Dragon Ball Heroes' big bad, Fu. With the remains of the Universe See, Fu has now grown his own Universe Tree, in an attempt to literally create his own new universe. How Hearts fits into that scheme is anybody's guess - is it even possible he could show up as an ally rather than a foe? After all, Fu kind of did use Hearts and the Core Area Warriors to further his own ends - but on the other hand, Hears could just as well be in league with Fu's new universe plan, with some big rewards (like new life) waiting for him in the new reality.

We'll find out when the next Dragon Ball Heroes episode launches next month.